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You can log in to EdPay from home, or anywhere in the country. If you're working overseas you'll need to use a New Zealand-based IP address.


ACC levies deducted on 12 September 2023

ACC annual levies were deducted from school's bank accounts on 12 September 2023.

To access the invoice, go to EdPay > Reports > ACC EoY report > 2023 invoice.

Schools must pay an ACC employer levy every year. This covers work-related injuries for school employees whose salary is funded through operational grant funding. For more info go to ACC levies (edpay.govt.nz)


Our Quarter Three Customer Satisfaction Survey went out last week. The feedback we receive plays a vital role in understanding your needs and making improvements. The survey goes out to a sample of school users from the address feedback@edpay.nz, so if you have received an email about this we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey

**Check out our EdPay training page for quick-start guides and videos**

Send in a EP5 to set up a new user, or an EP5c to remove a user.

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Scheduled fortnightly EdPay maintenance

EdPay will be unavailable once a fortnight due to maintenance. The maintenance is scheduled to take place between 6pm Saturday and 6am Sunday on the first, third and fifth Saturday/Sunday of the month in September, and will switch to the second and fourth Saturday/Sunday from October 2023. From January 2024, the maintenance window will take place on the first and third week (and on the first, third and fifth week in March 2024).

Check your browser and operating systems are up to date

Some schools have reported issues logging in to EdPay. Please check with your school’s IT support that you are using a secure, supported browser and operating system. People using outdated and incompatible platforms are likely to experience issues. You can read the about these platforms on the Lets encrypt – certificate compatibility page [Lets Encrypt website]

Terms of use

All EdPay activity is recorded and monitored. All information in EdPay carries a New Zealand Government classification level of IN-CONFIDENCE.

Misuse of EdPay may result in suspension of access, recovery or criminal proceedings.



Only individuals expressly authorised by your school are permitted to access EdPay. You must not share your login with anyone. By using EdPay, you agree not to disclose any information you have access to for any other purpose than administering pay.

Please submit an EP5 form if you want to authorise another person access to EdPay and an EP5c to remove an authorised user's access.

Making changes

Changes made to an employee’s personal or financial information can only be made with the consent of the employee.

Changes made to an employee’s pay must be authorised by the relevant person in the school before being entered in EdPay.

To avoid a potential of conflict of interest, you must not make a change that may affect your own pay or entitlements. 

Changes to a principal’s pay must only be made with the authorisation of the chair of the board.


EdPay has been designed as a highly secure system, however it is still critical that schools keep their cyber security up to date. You must have adequate virus detection, and have the latest operating system and browser updates installed. We prefer you connect through the Network For Learning (N4L).


In order to improve EdPay and our services, we occasionally ask for authorised users’ feedback via anonymous, voluntary surveys via a link in EdPay. All responses will be deleted after six months.

We welcome feedback on how we can better meet your needs.